The purpose of the Chicopee Village Residents Association Board members is to serve as leaders and representatives of the community. They work together to promote the interests and welfare of the Chicopee Mill Village and its residents. Some of their main responsibilities include:

  1. Planning and organizing community events and activities: The Board members work together along with residents to plan and organize events that foster a sense of community spirit.
  2. Advocating for the needs and concerns of residents: The Board members serve as a voice for residents and advocate for their needs and concerns with local government and other organizations.
  3. Maintaining the historic character of the village: The Board members work to preserve and protect the history of the village by fostering a sense of pride and identity by telling the village’s history and emphasizing its heritage to current and new members.
  4. Communicating with residents: The Board members keep residents informed about community news and events and work to facilitate open communication among residents.


President – Sonrisa Reed

Vice President – Open for Volunteer

Secretary – Betsy Demario

Treasurer – Allison Long

Parliamentarian – 

Marketing Coordinator – Rebekah Williamson

Historical Archives – Beth