2020 Calendar of Events * Association of Chicopee Village Residents

Join ACVR online at NextDoorChicopee.com or visit our web site at HERE. We need all of our residents to pay $15 dues in support of Chicopee. Many thanks to our volunteers who serve the village; all are invited to participate!



21st – • 5 pm – Middle School Basketball Game in the old Chicopee Gym – (Be prepared to pay an entrance fee to support the kids)

         • 7 pm Quarterly Meeting (Chicopee Methodist Church) – Agenda — Events & Garden Planning



29th – 10:30 am Leap Year Brunch – Left Nut Brewery – bring your coffee or hot tea & a “breakfast” something to share. 



12th – 6:30 pm Board of Directors Meeting (El Sombrero)

28th – Memorial Garden Work Day



18th – 11 am Quarterly Meeting & Spring Fling – Chicopee Methodist Church for meeting & sandwiches Bounce House in front of the old clinic, Chicopee Baptist Church egg hunt (time may change) , Begin selling Tour of Homes tickets)



22th – Put flags up on A Ave 

23rd – Memorial Garden Work Day & Best Garden Contest (For the contest, have your yard looking its best for the judging taking place today. Ribbons will be placed on mailboxes for winners).

25th –  Memorial Day Tour of Homes  (Fundraiser for Chicopee Beautification – need realtor sponsors and 6 houses for people to tour.)

26th – Take flags down


27th – Chicopee Clean-Up Day (put flags up on A Ave)


4th – Parade, Picnic, & Quarterly Meeting (Find the ACVR tent to vote or join the residents’ group).

       • 5:45 pm Parade lineup on A Ave

       • 6 pm — Parade 

       • Dusk to just after Dark – Chicopee Baptist church hosts food, live music and fireworks. 

5th – Chicopee Clean Up Day (take flags down)


22th – 5 pm Starlight Celebration – Concert & Fireworks UNG-Gainesville Campus Board of Directors Meeting — Bring chairs, cooler, and we will discuss ACVR needs and socialize



12th – 8 am – Noon Chicopee Yard Sale Day 



6th – 7 pm Potluck & Quarterly Meeting (Chicopee Methodist Church) – Bring a side dish or dessert to share; meat & drinks provided.

3rd – Halloween Trick or Treating in the Village 5-8 pm (It is a Saturday this year — do we want to have some afternoon events with a fun maze or games collaborating with the churches?)



3rd – Election Day (Voting Booth Behind original Chicopee Baptist Church)

10th – Put up flags on A Ave

11th – Veteran’s Day 

12th – Take flags down

17th – 7 pm Annual Meeting (Agenda – Elections) and Cookie Exchange (Chicopee Methodist Church) Bring at least one dozen cookies to share; choose a dozen assorted cookies to take home. Hot chocolate and coffee provided.



10th – Holiday House Decorating Contest  

  • Dark — Judging for Contest

  • 6 pm Board of Directors Meeting


Church Services in the Village

Chicopee Baptist Church

Sundays 11 am  Worship Service | Sundays 2:30pm Youth


Chicopee United Methodist

Church  Sundays 11 am Worship Service



Volunteers Needed:

1. Flag Committee – Put flags up and take down for Memorial Day, 4th of July, & Veterans Day

2. Parade Committee – Ride your bike or drive your “float” in the parade

3. Memorial Garden Committee- Assist with maintenance (mowing and pulling weeds), installation (plantings, bricks, pathways, and other hardscapes), and planning

4. Chicopee Yard Sale Committee – Put up signs & be a yard sale location

5. Tour of Homes Committee – Sell advance tickets, put up signs, work registration tent at front of village, parking assistance, and/or be a tour home host

6. Spring Fling Committee – Make sandwiches, be a bounce house bouncer, organize a yard game like cornhole

7. Halloween Committee – Give away candy at your house or trunk on A Ave, plan day activities for kids